About Our Church

Emmanuel is an independent Lutheran congregation in fellowship with congregations of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the International Lutheran Council. We express our faith through:

Meaningful Worship

Emmanuel’s services are rich with biblical content, Christian symbolism, and are traditional in style, celebrating God’s mercy through the ancient western liturgy. Our organists and guitarists accompany the singing during our Sunday and Wednesday services. The Emmanuel Choir, Bell Ringers, and soloists enhance our worship on a regular basis.

On Ash Wednesday, younger men at Emmanuel set up large crosses in our sanctuary and churchyard for the Lenten and Easter seasons. On Ascension Day, they remove the crosses.

Dynamic Youth Ministry

Along with Sunday School classes and youth confirmation classes, Emmanuel offers monthly events for youth (ages 10+) such as overnights, outings, and service projects. For younger children (ages 2–9) we have Kids’ Night Out and other events that teach the faith while having fun.

Vacation Bible School, 2017

Biblical Teaching

Emmanuel’s services and Sunday classes teach the Bible; our small groups gather for spring and fall Bible classes. For Sunday and Wednesday services, Emmanuel uses the King James Version of the Bible as a faithful, stable English translation at a time when there are so many different translations coming available. During Bible classes, Pastor Ed may teach from the King James Version (KJV) or the English Standard Version (ESV), which is a modern translation in the KJV tradition. Members are welcome to use the Bible translation of their choice. Our pastor is a well-published author in biblical studies who makes the Bible understandable for people today.


Through Baptism, Bible teaching, and blessed life together, Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church makes disciples of Jesus Christ on the South Side and in greater Columbus, Ohio (Matthew 28:19–20; Acts 2:42).

We are a faithful, Bible-centered fellowship that has served our Lord and the South Side community since 1898. Learn more about Emmanuel’s history.

Emmanuel’s Structure

The triune God owns the property and all Emmanuel’s employees work for Him. All activities are to be conducted to His glory. Emmanuel's campus is known in Merion Village for its green space and gardens.

Emmanuel's choir leads the congregation in singing.

The Voting Congregation

All confirmed members, age 18 and older are included. The congregation in assembly must meet at least once a year. Currently, this meeting is the second to last Sunday in November. At that meeting, the vestry is elected, the budget for the next year approved, and major projects and reports are considered.

The Vestry

The vestry is the administrative arm of the congregation. Members must be 21 years old and hold congregational membership for at least a year. The three most common offices include:

  • Elders (Spiritual care)
  • Deacons (Benevolence)
  • Trustees (Property management)

Additional elected members of the vestry are the treasurer, secretary, and Sunday School superintendent. The pastor attends vestry meetings as an advisor. The vestry typically meets on the Tuesday after the first Saturday of each month.

The Pastors

The elders supervise the pastor and his work. The congregation, through prayer, study, and discussion issues a call to pastors as needed. A pastor typically serves the congregation until the Holy Spirit calls him to serve elsewhere or to retire fully.