2018 Easter Egg Hunt

March 24, 2018

Easter is a moveable feast, which sometimes falls earlier in the spring. This year, our earlier Easter had cooler weather but the children gathered yet again and with great joy! Thanks be to God, He heard our prayers so that the snow forecasted stayed away. Registration was inside Sutorius Hall where participants could get a hot dog, popcorn, and a look at genuine hand-painted Easter Eggs!

We started the hunt with a song of Easter joy and the Easter shout, "Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, Alleluia!" Special thanks are due to our choir director and choir for a beautiful introduction. Then Pastor Ed briefly described some Easter symbols. This year it was the empty cross and the empty tomb. We organized the children into groups by age so that the young ones are not competing against the older ones. Everyone was eager to start hunting but did a great job lining up and waiting at the base of the front steps. Our Sunday School Superintendent then led each group up to the church yard where hundred of eggs were waiting! While the younger ones hunted for eggs, the older ones played games with the pastor and our youth leader. We close Markison Avenue each year so that the families who gather in front of the church stay safe and we have lots of extra space for play. Everyone found lots of eggs thanks to our many volunteers who made the event possible. In conclusion, we went back into Sutorius Hall to review prize eggs and have our drawing for Easter baskets. Below are some additional pictures that illustrate the fun!

Thanks to all those who expressed interest in Sunday School at Emmanuel, Kids' Night Out, and our June Vacation Bible School. We hope to see you again at our next event!


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