Attention Gamers

May 31, 2019

Emmanuel recently enjoyed some youth events, including a Mario Kart tournament. This got me thinking: kids aren’t the only ones who love the comradery and joy of games. For example, I’ve spoken with some of my neighbors who stop by the front steps of the parsonage because there is a Pokémon “Gym” located here. (I’m not a Pokémon player, so please forgive me if I didn’t describe this just right.) They are obviously passionate about their game!

I would like to propose that Emmanuel host a community game night in our Sutorius Hall. I’m thinking of:

A Friday from 8 PM to ???

This would be a free event. If enough persons show interest, we may add it to our schedule and perhaps have an on-going scheduled event.

My family, which includes younger adults, would make available a number of board games and a Nintendo Switch set-up with a large screen for multiple players. (If many people are interested, we could add more equipment.) Others could bring their games, ideas, and snacks. For this event, we would expect adults or older children supervised by adults. You would need to put your name on items you bring so that they make it home with you.

As the pastor, I would ask that the games be appropriate for use at a church. (E.g., anything rated E for Everyone or E 10+ would be fine; military board games such as Axis and Allies would be fine.) Games should be for fun and socializing (no betting). Polite interaction is expected. At the end of the night, gamers would help clean up and put things away.

If you are interested or have questions, please text me at 614.398.2593.

Pastor Ed

Emmanuel Lutheran Church

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