Youth Service Project: Thank You Very Mulch!

August 12, 2017

At our latest service event (Sunday, August 20), twenty-three youth and young adult volunteers (yavs) pulled weeds and spread eight yards of mulch around our main parking area. Some of the older youth also trimmed shrubs along our education wing to keep them below our windows. They also cut in a special flowerbed below the flagpole at the center of our campus. The circular flowerbed includes a rose shape and a heart shape to which will be added a black cross and four colors of flowers. When complete, the flowerbed will resemble the Luther Seal, commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation that founded the Lutheran Church (1517–2017).

Special thanks are due to chief trustee who arranged for the mulch to be delivered, provided the edging stones for the Luther Seal flowerbed, and coordinated our efforts. Thanks to youth leaders who made sure we had lunch with the support of our kitchen staff. Also, thanks to the parents and grandparents who had the youth at service and Sunday School to continue their edification in the Christian faith—the very reason we have Emmanuel Youth League.

After the work was over, the parking lot erupted with hundreds of hurtling water balloons, kindly donated by one of our families but delivered with a splash! Pastor received a reminder of his Baptism when participants dumped a cooler of water over his head. We closed with a prayer huddle thanking God for so wonderful a day together.

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